Welcome to New Generations. Your characters will be on their way to glory, honor, revenge, and fame in this Street Fighter game. I look forward to seeing the story progress. As soon as I have the extra credit back stories I will start posting the player characters on the site. I look forward to working with everyone.

I need everyone’s rough draft Bio. I will edit them and such. It is worth 4 bonus points for your fighter so it is a pretty substantial boost. Eventually the wiki will have a full write up for some minor npc’s for information as far as the characters know. i will be posting updates in the adventure log as well once the story starts.

Characters absent for a game will still gain some XP if the player write a brief and logic story to what they were doing. Some sessions will not be able to be made up as per the situation. We are also passing the Storyteller Position around so be prepared for multiple DM’s as well.

As of now the schedule for gaming will be Saturdays at 2 PM. If two players cancel that session will be cancelled as well and we will try to scheduled a make up session.

Street Fighter 2013

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