Ishimura, Seiji

Sumo scrub under the Yakuza's thumb



Physical Rank Social Rank Mental Rank
Strength 4 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Stamina 5 Appearance 1 Intelligence 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 1 Wits 3


Talents Rank Skills Rank Knowledges Rank
Alertness 2 Blind Fighting 2 Computer 2
Insight 4 Survival 2 Medicine 3
Subterfuge 1 Mysteries 2
Style Lore 2


Backgrounds Rank Techniques Rank
Backing 3 Punch 1
Contacts 1 Kick 1
Sensei 1 Athletics 2
Grab 2
Block 1
Focus 1


Type Max Current
Glory 2 2
Honor 1 1


Type Max Current
Chi 2 2
Willpower 7 7
Health 10 10


Name Speed Damage Move
Jab 6 5 3
Strong 4 7 3
Fierce 3 9 2
Short 5 4 3
Forward 4 6 2
Roundhouse 2 8 2
Grab 4 6 One
Block 8 Zero Zero
Movement 7 Zero 6

Special Maneuvers

Name Speed Damage Move Notes
Throw 2 8 One Throw up to STR hexes; knocks down.
Head Butt 4 9 1
Jump 7 Zero 2 Aerial; Abort; see rules.
Flying Head Butt 4 11 6 1 Will, Aerial, must move in straight line.
Bear Hug 3 9 One Sustained hold.


Block – Head Butt.


Seiji was a big kid. His father, a factory worker, was always proud of him and told him that one day, he’d be a famous wrestler! Seiji studied hard, trained hard, ate a ton of chanko, and tried not to bully the other kids too much.

Then, disaster! He hit puberty, and his metabolism kicked into high gear. Suddenly, no matter how much he ate, he could never seem to break 180 lbs. The other young sumos in his stable started passing him by in height and weight, and Seiji became despondent. Would he never get into the top weight classes?

To make matters worse, his father tearfully admitted to the family one night that he had a secret gambling problem, and was deeply in debt to the Yakuza. In fact they were coming to take him tomorrow night.

Seiji was frantic. Not knowing what else to do, he made his way down to the seedy bathhouse where the local mob boss, Mr. Soto, was known to relax. Throwing himself on Soto-san’s dubious mercy, he begged the boss to leave his family alone. Seiji would do anything! Win big, throw fights, anything! Soto was intrigued. “All right, kid — we’ll try it your way for a while. You’re a runt, but maybe that will keep you out of the public eye so you can work for me. But if you ever fail to produce….” He drew a line across his neck. “And not just your father, but your mom and little brother as well.”

For now, Soto is mostly leaving Seiji alone, letting him train. Every once in a while, a gangster will show up outside the training hall, just watching and letting Seiji see him. Just to remind him of the reality of the situation. And two weeks ago, Seiji went out to a restaurant with his fellow sumos, ordered a beer, and the waitress brought him water. He was about to complain, but then saw a mob enforcer staring impassively at him from a few tables away. Seiji left and went back to training.

In the training hall that night, Seiji had a revelation. Maybe he would never be the Yokozuna, but there were other places he could fight to make money. Maybe there, his skills would be a surprise to opponents who didn’t know how dynamic sumo wrestling could actually be.

He is now sitting on the steps of a stable of fighters, a local one known for gathering fighters of all different backgrounds. Supposedly the manager has connections into the underground world of no-holds-barred fighting, where real money can be made. Seiji knocks on the door….

Potential conflicts:

Desire to be famous
Need to keep mob connections secret

Desire to be honorable
Being asked to do increasingly sketchy things for the mob

Desire to get out from under the mob’s influence
Love of family and desire to keep them safe

Ishimura, Seiji

Street Fighter 2013 Dysjunct