Kaoru, Yuuki

Idol and Ninja


135 lbs
Glory – 3
Honor – 0
Green eyes
Long black hair with a streak of purple in it. Normally worn down.
Born on September 21st 1991 Tokyo, Japan
Age 21


Yuuki is a very pretty girl. On the outside she looks like a super model, and a sweet girl. Well she actually is a super model on her way to becoming an Idol. She is half Japanese, half American. Her father is the head of a corporate company and her mother is an English teacher. What people don’t know is that her father is also the head of a clan of Ninja’s.

Yuuki grew up training as a ninja. She is a very beautiful and young girl who has dreams other then just being a ninja. One day while she was walking around she ran into an agent from a modeling crew. The agent offered Yuuki a Job as a model. Yuuki said yes on the spot and signed a contract later that day.

Her father was furious at finding this out, so he disowned her and kicked her out of the clan. Yuuki being young and stupid didn’t care because she would be living life for herself. It wasn’t too long into her modeling gig that her agent found out that she was a ninja, mainly because Yuuki is bad at lying.

Now Yuuki fights in the Street Fighter Tournament to earn glory and fame. She is on her way to becoming an Idol not only in Japan but the world. She makes use of her ninja skills and looks good doing it. She openly promotes that she is a ninja in everything she does.

Kaoru, Yuuki

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