Street Fighter 2013

Little Men and Big Dreams

Ishimura, Seiji had all but given up on his life. A man of unfortunate circumstances, he had now been forced into dishonest work to protect his family. Still his fighting spirit would not be lost despite his questionable work. He honed his fighting spirit once more and in secret he went off to compete. However, it was not meant to be. His “Very Generous People” were there at his sumo event. Seiji competed with his weight class and could have easily won it. He could taste the victory in the air. But, fate had played a cold trick. Being put into a questionable position he was forced to throw the fight. Fortunately for Seiji his honest heart and inability to fake a proper loss caught the attention of Seiji’s greatest hero. E. Honda present Seiji with and great opportunity. Seiji jumped at the chance to become stronger and possibly find a way of fixing his problems.

Kaoru, Yuuki had become quite bored in her fame. Not only a rich and success idol, she had started running out of goals to achieve. Only recently had she begun to feel excitement once more. Though by no fault of her own, or flaw in her skills, her manager had found out she was a trained ninja, Yuuki was now doing jobs of a more physical nature. Her skills as a ninja and her award winning personality and charm made most tasks easy and whatever he had lined up would easily be a piece of cake right. Without any real scruple she left with her manager to the place that would forever change her life.

Jordan Andrews, or inmate number 116735 as the guard would say, started his day like any other. He stretched and enjoyed the meal provided to him. He stretched as much as the shackles would allow. He even did his morning workout within the confines of his cage. Yes, his cage, though mobile, was really no different then his cell. It had become a bit of a comfort. The guard would let him out and he would get to beat some poor fool. He would be rewarded and placed back in his cage. Everyone was happy right? He had even found that the orange jumpsuit tied at his waste brought out the features in his eyes. Jordan had all but given up on hope in live and had resided to a simple life as a cage pet. Little did he know that a taste of freedom was heading his way.

Murakami Seth had traveled by foot across Japan. He has just barely made the scheduled time. He was anxious but nervous at the same time. He needed to win here no matter what the costs. What would he be willing to give to win these fights.He had grown into a man of honesty, yet he might have to do terrible things. Seth strengthened his resolve. He would fight his hardest and refuse to give up. He would fight his hardest to defeat any opponent that lay before him.

The fighters assembled at an old, industrial warehouse. Machines and chains creaked around them. Inside was erected a large steel cage. On the outside a sea of countless faces bidding . The brutal fight had begun. Each of our heroes realized quickly what they were in for. They fought to the best of their abilities.

- Victory found Seiji. He felt a joy like none he had before. Would this be his new life?
- Defeat found Yuuki. Her ego hit harder then the attacks she endured. She realized that despite her training she lacked real experience. Would this new world give it to her?
- A KO Victory found Jordan. He had fought and beaten many before but for once he was the center of attention. He felt something new to him. Will he continue to live for this feeling?
- Victory found Seth. Seth quickly realized that his training from the temple though powerful might not be enough. To rescue his beloved he might need to draw upon a deeper power. Will he find answers?

After the fight the hero’s were met once again by E. Honda. After his powerful victory over Guile he had come to speak with the group. He told them of the next fight and gave them their invitation. While the group began to think about their lives and future the worst should happen. A police raid commenced on the facility. With some help from Seth, Jordan was freed from his jail cell. The group ran and found a quick escape thanks to Jordan’s eye for detail. They all quickly saw their ability to flee on a local fishing boat. After Seiji used his greatly refined talents he had learned while working for his generous benefactors to liberate the captain from his vessel, the group escaped to town.

And now they reside in a hotel on the outskirts of Tokyo. With one month left till the fight how will the Hero’s prepare. Will they be able to get stronger? Will they have th courage and ability to show? Will Seiji remove Yuuki’s autograph from between his nether region? Find out next time on Street Fighter 2013.

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