Murakami, Seth


Shotokan Karate
185 lbs.
Glory – 0
Honor – 3
Eyes – Blue
Hair – Short Brown
Born – January 26, 1986 Denver, Colorado, USA
Age – 26


Seth is now a very different person then he was as a young boy. He grew up going to charter schools constantly moving from place to place. In the mean while his father, Gabriel Summers was always away with his CIA job. While in his teen years Seth received the news that his father had died while on a wet works mission. Rather then go to the orphanage and become a ward of the state Seth fled to the streets. He learned to get by and keep moving always staying a step a head of those who would try to take him in. In his running he realized he would not be able to truly relax until he was outside of the United States reach. Seth fled the United States and stowed away on a boat to Japan.

At first Seth blindly bumbled about Okinawa, Japan scraping by. Eventually he stumbled upon a shrine outside of one towns he found. There he saw a man name Murakami Yamada practicing his martial art. Seeing Seth for his rare talent and internal strength Murakami took in the young boy and began to train him along side his daughter Murakami Ayame in Shotokan Karate.

Ten years have passed and Seth has trained diligently. He has been forged into a power that shows both internally and externally. Murakami trained both his daughter and pupil in the arts until he felt it was time for Seth to go on a journey and bury his internal conflict. Seth left and meditated till he found at long last he realized he had found a home and place to belong. He returned to find the shrine had be nearly destroyed and his master Murakami Yamada severely beaten. Ayame was missing and no where to be found. Slowly Seth nursed his master back to health. It was then he had found out that Ayame had been kidnapped to force his master to fight in the Street Fighter Tournament. Yamamda told his pupil Seth that if he did not compete and do well his daughters safety would certainly be at risk. Seth bowed deeply and begged Murakami to take him as his own son and let him bring Ayame home.

Murakami Seth leaves home preparing to fight for family. Never before had he fought for anyone or anything but himself. Now he fights to protect his home and the place he belongs.

Murakami, Seth

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